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Swapped Finance

DeFi on Shardeum is a billion-dollar opportunity. Join Swapped Finance's journey on this first state sharded, most scalable and secure L1 blockchain.

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Why Shardeum?

Shardeum is an EVM-based, linearly scalable smart contract platform that provides low gas fees forever while maintaining true decentralization and solid security through dynamic state sharding. Shardeum have transaction level consensus which eliminates the complexities needed to ensure atomic processing.

These fundamental features helps along with the features inbuilt to the Decentralised Application, Swapped Finance to compete with it’s competition. Where the competition faces Scalability issues and Front-running from time to time, Swapped Finance will not have to encounter such issue beacuse of the Shardeum and it’s technology.

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What We Offer

To Shardeum ecosystem


Swapped Finance offers instantly swap crypto tokens: no registration or account needed, with a minimal 0.3% fee. Swapped Finance is the leading decentralized exchange on Shardeum.


Start earning 0.21675% of each buy and sell by being a liquidity provider to Swapped Finance by staking your tokens in liquidity pools (LPs). Providing liquidity opens the door of Farming.

Farming & Staking

Stake LP tokens, earn $SWPD. You take on a little more exposure to market fluctuations but can earn higher APR to offset the risk. User can also stake to start earning a portion of trading fees.


What They Say

words from some satisfied clients

Congrats to @SwappedFinance for their efforts & growth πŸ‘ A best example of: The right time to BUIDL on Shardeum is NOW! #BuildWeb3 πŸš€ - From Twitter

Shardeum , Twitter Handle

Swapped Finance team is on πŸ”₯ Keep growing! Let's build Web3 unicorns from India @shardeum and the entire community is here to help! #BuildWeb3 #Shardeum $SHM - From Twitter

Nischal Shetty , CEO Shardeum and Wazirx

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